Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can't keep up

It is Sunday once again and I find myself with too many shows and not enough time. Despite limiting my sleep schedule, I just can't fit in all the shows I want. I have 5 hours of backlogged shows on my DVR from just this week and those are the ones I can fit in the DVR schedule. There are still another 4 hours of shows that I would watch online if my schedule ever cleared up. Imagine where I would be if there weren't debates the last two weeks to put favorites into repeat mode or if I had movie channels.

So, here is the breakdown before My Own Worst Enemy and Crusoe premiere this week only adding to my dilemna.

Absolutely Can't Miss
Of course, Grey's Anatomy, Mad Men, Life, CSI Las Vegas (Last week's premiere was the best episode ever ), Brothers and Sisters, Greek, How I Met Your Mother (Sadly it is on as I DVR two other shows so I have to find an excuse to watch it upstairs (gulp) live. Good thing my hubby doesn't like to watch tv.) The Amazing Race and Survivor.

New favs.
Fringe. I am also really enjoying The Ex List. I didn't expect to but it is perfect Friday night fodder.

Sophomore Season Slump Eluded
Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, and Lipstick Jungle have managed to evade the sophomore slump. I would agree with the critics who say DSM has gotten better this season.

On the fence
Pushing Daisies and Chuck. I loved the first seasons of both these shows, but haven't seen anything new. The plot on both is getting repetitive (not surprising considering the premise on each).

Still Trying to Fit in the Premiere
Life on Mars, Eleventh Hour

Can't Find Time
ER (Will have to wait until repeats because I will watch the final season, I will.), Samantha Who, Privileged, Valentine, The Mentalist (I'm trying, but it's Psych without the funny), Kath and Kim, SNL Prime Time (though I really want to).


Kim said...

Hey Katharyn thanks for the listing of the devo blog here....we got one referral from your page today. Woohoo!

Jed said...

Pushing Daisies: I do think it's more formulaic than it started out, but I think it had to become that and I still find it fantastic and enjoyable -- especially the clever dialogue and situations. For example. in last week's episode, when Ned was trying to guess Olive's secret -- "Does it have something to do with the sacred feminine? Are freemasons involved?" It had me laughing out loud. It's not a serial drama like the West Wing, but it marries pretty well the procedural of a "Murder, She Wrote" with the cleverness of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."

Kim said...

Madmen....have to say I have never even heard of that show. When's it on? What's it about?